Sunday, March 15, 2009

Body and Soul

Victor has settled into his new surroundings. The room is larger than before. He's been assigned an occupational therapist, physical therapist, and speech therapist. They meet with him on a regular basis to help him through recovery.

In the past week Victor has progressively improved his depth perception, his eye to hand coordination, sitting and standing balance, and fine motor skills. Watching his body awaken, little by little, forces one to ponder the truly wondrous nature of the body and the drive in every part and particle to live. It's amazing to see it in his eyes and feel the presence of his eternal spirit. He is so alive, willing and eager. The body and spirit together are truly an eternal blessing and gift.

Victor has not spoken yet, but at times seems anxious to speak. He hears adequately and answers simple written yes or no questions. On occasion he responds with head nodding. Falling is still a major concern so we continue to watch him 24/7.

Lately, Victor's curiosity has gotten the better of him and he has been taking wheel chair trips out of his room. We push him around or sometimes he pushes himself. He often points the way he wants to go. He'll even attempt to open doors and go into areas that are "staff and doctor only."

We all Love you Victor!


  1. Dear Victor
    I Rode In your weell char
    love Abraham.

  2. Keep up the good work Victor!
    Our family continues to pray for your full recovery.
    God Bless You and Your Family,
    Hal G and Family

  3. Keep wheeling and walking Victor! There must be something important you need to do in this life and Heavenly Father is making sure you are here to do it! I'm sure he will continue to bless you in your recovery. We'll keep praying!
    The Chandlers

  4. this is truely amazing. it is so great that nobody gave up and i am sooo so so happy to read this. victor you are so strong

  5. You look better and have more energy each day. I often think we are seeing slow but steady progress. When I take a step back, though, I can see that it is fast, amazing, miraculous, phenomenal progress. Last night you were making Abraham laugh and I wanted it to never end. That sparkle that makes you VICTOR is still there and getting brighter and brighter.
    Love you! Merrily

  6. I hear they have wheel chair contests fun would that be???
    You are making amazing progress. You have shown us what the power of prayer and faith can do.
    Love the Williams

  7. Victor-
    Hello! I haven't checked in lately to read how your doing. But I'm so glad to see that your doing such a wonderful job of recovering. Your always in our prays. We love you.

    Aunty Donna Mae

  8. I hope to run into you some day so you can give me another hi-five. You've excited and amazed me as one of your nurses. You're a true fighter and keep up the good work! I wanna see that wheelchair racing back for a visit on 6th floor. God bless you Victor