Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Move to Rehab

Victor slept pretty well last night. He woke up in the middle of the night to look at himself in the mirror, then immediately returned to his bed and went back to sleep. He woke up at 5 am and was active until about 11 am. He didn't like what he was given for breakfast and slept through lunch. Victor took a walk at about 9 am and then Dr Morgan came to visit him. She observed him and removed the neck collar. She is genuinely happy for him and the progress he has made. She said that it's truly a miracle. We are so appreciative of the hard work and respect shown to Victor and to us from all the doctors and nurses.

At about 3 pm this afternoon the nurse announced that it was time to move Victor to another part of the hospital where he will receive therapy until he is able to function sufficiently. We packed up his stuff, the nurse removed his IV and placed him in a wheel chair, and off we went to his new unit. We are so glad to see him move on to the next step in this journey. His progress has been astounding.


  1. YEAH! We are soooo happy for you Victor. I'm sure you will progress nicely in the rehab unit. I'm sure you will be very tired as they are going to be working with you a lot so we probably won't come up a lot as you will need to focus and rest during your down times. So even though we aren't there we are still thinking of you and sending you all our strenght. You are doing great!!!!
    Love the Williams

  2. What amazing news! We are so proud of you Victor and are so happy you are doing so well and progressing. Keep up the good work and stay strong and determined. Heavenly Father knows you and loves you. Isn't that a wonderful thing to know! All our love, Lucy, Matt, and girls

  3. That is so amazing and exciting. Way to go Victor! Keep up the good work. We will keep you in our prayers. They seem to be working!
    The Chandlers