Thursday, March 19, 2009

Burger King

Victor continues to get stronger and stronger. He is trying to speak now. His voice is very soft and most of his words are not easily recognizable. This distresses him and may be the reason he is reluctant to speak, but we encourage him and are happy that he tries.

His appetite is returning, however he is still on swallow alert. He needs to eat more in order to get stronger. The other night he said "Burger King" (we think) and was treated to a hamburger from Burger King.

His morning and afternoon therapies are going great. They keep him busy with a variety of exercises to keep him interested. The therapists and nurses encouraged him to walk more to strengthen his legs and improve his balance.


  1. Hello!
    We are in the 7th ward and both my husband and I have been in communication with Bro. Escalante about our various callings now and in the past. We don't know Victor but have loved getting to know him through this blog. Our prayers are with you as he recovers!

  2. Hey Victor!
    Keep up all the hard work. I can't wait for things to settle down here so I have time to come see you more often. Hope they are treating you well in Rehab. You have come a long way and we are so proud.
    Christine and Family

  3. Hey Victor,
    You try to talk and you must think we're idiots when we don't understand you. Keep trying! We've got as much or more to learn as you do and we'll keep trying, too.
    Abraham had the best time visiting you. You were tickling each other. Now that he knows where you're ticklish he'll never give you a moment's peace. Of course, every cell of his body is ticklish so you should have a pretty easy time getting the upper hand.
    You look better and stronger every time I see you. You've put on some weight (hurray!) and I have to say that the hair style has improved. Dramatically.
    Love you! Merrily

  4. Victor,
    My family and I continue to think about you and prayer that you stay strong through your recovery. Your therapy probably seems to be taking forever to you, but I'm sure that your family is very proud of your progress. Keep pushing harder every day.
    God Bless You and Your Family,
    Hal G and Family

  5. Hi Victor
    We are very happy that you continue to make progress on a daily basis. Your road over the next few months will be challenging, but we have faith that you will accomplish all that you need. We continue to pray for you and your family. God Bless,
    Ken, Pamela and Rachel Lohse