Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The GOOD, the BAD and the UGLY

Victor is currently in surgery having his bone flap (the bone that was removed from his skull!) reinstalled. This morning before the surgery he looked good -- really good. The nurse tried to suction out his mouth and he gave her a glare of disdain and growled at her. He really hates that. It was funny and very much our Victor.

The past few days have been a mixture of good and bad. We've watched him rest and shared in his time of pain and restlessness. We've thoroughly enjoyed the moments when he is able to engage us with his eyes and when he touches and holds our hands.

About mid-day yesterday they finally remove the ventilator and feeding tubes in his throat. Some of us had tried to guess what day that would happen but no one guessed Tuesday because of the scheduled Wednesday morning surgery. His mom also had them remove the "other" tubes except for the one in his nose (side bar: I heard a rumor that a tube sticking out of your nose is the newest fashion statement). With the tubes removed we were anxious to hear him speak and of course late last night Victor came through! He said "ahhhuummmvvss." I think that's how you spell that.

Victor - we are all here, your family and friends, with the highest of hopes for you and praying constantly for your health to return and especially for God's blessings upon you. We LOVE you.


  1. hey victor
    im so happy to hear tht you are doing alot better. ill be up there in a little bit so i can see you. im glad all the tubes are gone.
    well ill see you soon and i love you so much.
    love, your sister kaela

  2. Good job Vic, I knew that you could make it! There was no doubt in my mind about you leaving us and I was right: now you're getting outta the ICU!!!

  3. I'm so happy and so encouraged by your amazing progress! There will undoubtedly be some rough days ahead but this is the time to live up to your name: VICTOR!
    Love, Merrily

  4. I'm So Happy You Got Off The Ventilator Victor,
    And Happy Your Surgery Went Well. Get Better Vic. I Can't Live Without You.

    love Abraham

  5. Victor,
    Wow! We were so happy to hear you're trying to speak. Drew was particularly impressed. This is an exciting time for you. We haven't stopped praying for you, and anxiously await news of your next triumphs.

    Mike and Beth Smith

  6. Go Victor go! I knew you would come through! I'm sure you have a tough road ahead but you have already proven that you are a fighter. Keep up the good fight. We are praying for you every day!

    The Chandlers

  7. We are very glad to hear of the continuing strides that Victor is making during this difficult process. God has truly been watching over one of his very special children. He must have greater plans for you in this life.
    God Bless You and Your Family,
    Hal G and Family

  8. victor is hardcore

  9. victor keep fighting...we love you