Friday, February 27, 2009

Second Birth

The events of the past two days have been nothing short of miraculous. It's truly been like watching a new born baby. We all get so excited whenever Victor moves his arm, squeezes your hand, or opens his eyes. We speak to him and wonder if he can hear us; does he understand? We all hold and touch him hoping for some sign that he knows we are here.

Five days after being taken off the medications Victor's mind has awakened! His doctor had his nurses lift him out of his bed into a chair! Better than that I understand that he was playing a game with his brother Roman, all this while still connected to the ventilator.

The "FORCE IS STRONG IN THIS ONE", we look forward to continued improvement from him. We sincerely thank the Lord for his blessings.

Go Skywalker.


  1. You are doing so great Victor. We will probably be up to see you tomorrow(Sunday).
    Love the Williams

  2. Bro & Sister Escalante,

    I may interest you to know that generally the sense of hearing is the last sense to be lost in response to a traumatic event, and generally is the first sense to recover. My guess is YES, Victor can hear your prompting of encouragement and expressions of love for him.

    Please know that you are in our thoughts and prayers, and that our Love is with you during this most difficult time.

    Kim & Melissa Christensen

  3. To the Escalantes--We have been thinking about you a lot and have checked this blog a few times to see how Victor is doing. He has been in our prayers. We hope that he will continue to improve and that you will be strengthened and comforted by Heavenly Father. Paul and Pat Tucker (and Philip too)

  4. To Victor and his family.
    You are in our prayers daily. I check your blog and listen to the music and think of you each day. We are so happy to see your progress. May you continue to gain strenth with each day.
    Love, Ken, Pamela and Rachel Lohse

  5. hey lil bro,
    im so happy to see you improving. i see you moving and you even tried to push me away then you looked at me and squeezed my hand. tht made me so happy. you are still a fighter and i love it cause i can tell tht you are still with us and i can tell its my lil victor.
    i love you so much keep doing wat your doing youll be back with us soon.

  6. We are so happy to hear that Victor is doing better. We always pray for him and your family. If there is anything we can do please let us know.

    The Herrick Family

  7. "poena par sapientia" -- latin for "pain equals wisdom."
    As we sat watching you make great strides today it was exhilirating and emotionally draining at the same time. You opened both eyes wide, and I mean wide open! Not like you were in intense pain but like you were uncomfortable and caught by suprise when the nurse today helped adjust you to a sitting position. You did good, but made it impossible for her to hold you up after 2 minutes or so. You forced your way back on your back. But you are doing a really good job breathing on your own, thats why they took out the breathing tube today. Unfortunately it goes right back in tomorrow when you go under for surgery. 7:45 am tomorrow they take you in to try to replace the bone flap they removed, if it's not deal, or infected they replace it, if there is anything wrong with it they insert a metal plate ib its place. I know, as a guy there are cool factor points for having a metal plate, but God really didn't intend you to have one, so lets stay with the real thing if possible.
    Orthopedics guy came in today and fitted you with a helmet, skateboard one actually, black. I know everyone said the same thing, a little late now for that. It works like a cast for your skull, you already don't like it we know, you tried taking it off, I had the nurse adjust your restraints so it stays in place.
    "poena par sapientia" -- latin for "pain equals wisdom." a quote i read today that a minor league pitcher had tatooed on his arm after tommy john surgery, essentially ending most of his major league chances. The quote made me instantly think of you and wonder how you will view all this once you are clear, concious, and begin your fight back for a semblance or namalcy in life and function. I pray this gives you clear vision and forsight into your life and what it is and can become.
    You're strong Vic, a fighter, tomorrow is a big day for you, we know you'll pull through it like a champ.
    Mica wanted you to know that she wants to help you brush your teeth when you get better and come home. She liked you looking at her and holding her hand today, made her heart happy. I took a pic with my cell phone of it.
    Mike Sr, came by and brought a movie poster of the Watchmen, a movie coming out on friday, he liked the thought of it on your wall in the hospital, representing all the good people looking over you.
    Sweet dreams Vic, we love you.