Friday, February 20, 2009

Sunny Day

It's almost midnight and you look marvelous. You had another CAT scan today and we understand that the doctors' found nothing there (I could have told them that!) You've been fighting a fever again. They've put your cooling blanket under you and they have it turned on, brrrrr. Your Mom has been keeping your stats'. I think she's going to give you an "A".

The sun was shinning very brightly today, we all miss you.


  1. hey robert we love you. and we love you too vic. and keep fight buddy. we are praying for you always. sis/aunty

  2. victor you are doing so good. im so proud of you for everything you are doing. keep up the fight!!
    love you!
    cant wait for you to wake up.

  3. Victor, You're fighting a great fight. And it's kind of nice to see you fight something besides Eliahs!
    Love, Merily

  4. Victor, you are amazing. I just got home from seeing you and you LOOKED GREAT. your ICP was 15, your blood pressure was good. you still have a little fever with that ice blanket on you but you are showing us how strong you are everyday keep it up Victor

  5. Vic your HR is 93 ICP 16 bp 126/89
    you seem relaxed, if that can make sense to anyone who hasn't seen your state, your face seems less swollen. You qctually look good, right arm seems swollen but your left looks normal. Mike Sr was just here early in the am to look in on you, he said you look better to him too.
    Keep up the fight, we believe in your strentgh and tenacity!
    alot of people I grew up with and went to high school with have come forward on facebook to express their concerns and support for your fight to recover. Its amazing how you seem to move and inspire these people you've never yet met.
    I look at the brightness of your future and its exciting. I look forward to your journey
    I love you