Saturday, February 14, 2009

Late Report

It's 1:20 AM. Victor's scheduled CAT scan for around 3:00 AM this morning has been cancelled by the doctor. I'm not sure why, his vitals have not changed since earlier this evening. The blood pressure monitor is malfunctioning and the nurse is having trouble fixing the problem. Victor looks very relaxed. God bless you Victor and we love you.


  1. Happy Valentines Day Victor! The love is pouring in for you. I hope you had a peaceful night. Christine and family

  2. Your family is in our prayers.
    Robin Markanich

  3. We, as a family have been praying for Victor and all of his family as they go through this very difficult time.
    I'm sure that he can feel all the love
    that surrounds him every minute,please
    know that you are in our thoughts.