Sunday, February 22, 2009

Day 11

The last two days have been better for Victor. He is still running a fever and his heart rate has been above normal, however the rest of his vital signs are pretty good. The doctor turned off the cranial drip earlier today and decreased his dosage of vecronium (the paralytic), it seems to have had little effect on his readings which is wonderful. The nursing staff has been wonderful too. They are truly concerned for Victor's well being.

We understand that the doctors want to operate early this week. They want to remove the tubes going down the throat and perform a trecheotomy. We are told this is a procedure that will be done in your room.


  1. Victor you made my day to see you this morning you were looking good and you opened your eye while I was holding your hand I don't know if it was just your reflex or not from coming off of the meds but to me you were saying hello. :> I pray that your recovery is starting to progress faster XOXOPenny

  2. VIc,
    im so happy to see tht you are improving slowly but surly. i cant wait for you to wake up. your number was at 12 when i left the hospital at about 9:30 pm which is very good.

    well see you wen you wake up!
    your sis Kaela