Thursday, February 19, 2009

Good Morning

Victor you're doing great! You look better and better everyday. You had a great Wednesday night, especially compared to a week ago. Your ICP started out at around 20, then it went up briefly to around 30 and then slowly went back down again below 20. By early morning the reading was below 10! Yeeozer!!

Then as usual, your nurse just really had to move and reposition your body, and suck out stuff in your mouth, which by the way is really gross. They also did an x-ray on your chest. All of this movement caused your heart rate, blood pressure and ICP to sky rocketed. Oh yea and then you vomited.

What a great way to say hello in the morning!

Keep fighting.


  1. We're glad to see you are slowly progressing. The Merrells

  2. Hang in there Victor! We are still praying for you everyday.
    The Hal G Family

  3. Your doing awesome Victor. Keep up the fight it will all be worth it. See you soon.
    Love the Williams

  4. Keep up the fight Victor. We know you will pull through despite those ever effecient nurses! We continue to pray for you every day and check your blog to see how you are doing. Be strong!
    The Chandlers

  5. that so great Vic. the family and friends are praying for you here in boise. we love you.
    aloha aunty

  6. hi vic, haven't had the pleasure of meeting you but I've heard all about you. You hang in there bud and know that you are in the hearts and prayers of the Lopez family, may god bless you, sincerely Elizabeth

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  8. VIctor,

    i know i write you alot but i just have so many things to say. i dont even know where to start but the one thing i want you to know is i love you and you need to get better there are so many people here for you. you cant even imagin.

    love you!!