Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine

We've been keeping your room dark during the day to keep from stimulating any brain functions. The sun is shining brightly outside and the temperture is unusually warm for a February day. The doctor visited you this morning and re-ordered a CAT scan. For some reason your ICP was extremely high. We are not sure why but after returning to your room it came down to around the mid-twenties. The doctor said that the scan revealed nothing new. We feel that this is good news; at least you don't have any added issues. The doctor reminded us that your condition is still very serious and that healing will take time.

We love you very much and are constantly praying for you. Happy Valentine's Day.


  1. Victor,
    It's Valentines Day so I guess it's OK to get all mushy. WE LOVE YOU! You are always in our thoughts and prayers.
    Love, Merrily

  2. dear victor

    i hope you get well.
    happy valentines day.
    may the force be with you.

    love abraham

  3. Victor,

    We just sang Happy Birthday to you last Sunday in your first Priest Quorum. It seems like a long time ago now. The young men and their leaders of the 3rd Ward will be praying and fasting for you tomorrow. We wish you the best and want you to get well as soon as possible. Can't wait to see you again.
    Mike Smith

  4. Victor,
    We are praying and fasting for you. We have known you for a long time and know that you are a strong young man and a fighter. We love you and your family and we know the Heavenly Father loves you too. He is looking out for you and your family. Be strong and keep getting better and better!
    Love from the Chandlers

  5. victor ---brother;;
    happy valentines day- will you be my valentine? well ill answer for you this time :) the answer is yes. ill be by your bedside all through the night. i just left your room--your icp was dropping fast! the nurse kicked us out because its time for the twelve hour shift change..see you in a hour n a half when we can go back in there..your looking good.i love you and thank you for being my valentine this year :) :) :) all smiles. - melissa

  6. Happy Valentine's Day! We just left the hospital and you are looking better. We are praying for you every minute and sending you all our strength so you continue to fight.
    Love the Williams clan.

  7. Victor,

    We've been fasting and praying for you as a family. We know that you will pull through this. Jen and I will try and visit you today.

    David Wolf

  8. Victor,

    It's cold here in Alaska at this moment. But I've been thinking of you instead of the weather. Although we've had some sunny days lately. I know you are a strong young man. I've been fasting and praying for you. Keep your strength up and just keep fighting and getting better.

    Much love to you and your family!

    Aunty Donna Mae

  9. Victor,

    I haven't seen you since we were all younger and I'm not sure if you remember me. But I have strong memories of you and your wonderful outgoing personality. You were always up to something! I know that your a strong young man and I know that you will continue to fight. I have been praying for you ever since Kelsey told me what happened. I have always also been praying for your family as well. I know that everyone is worried about you but, the best thing anyone can do is continue to pray and be strong for you. I'll continue to pray for both you and your family daily.

    Tamarah Townsend

  10. Dear Victor,We love you and are praying for a full and speedy recovery. Love grandma Betty and Grandpa Barnes

  11. FIGHT VICTOR FIGHT you can do it. we love you and will be here waiting for you everyday to wake up Love you

    Aunt Penny Jason connor and emily

  12. Victor,
    Hey, do you remember the time we were at Grandma's house and your Dad went to KFC and We talked about Kelsey not eating the breasts and Kaela not eating the thighs because they had plenty of them:) I remember you laughing so hard. Great times! I think of so many things that make you strong. I know that you can beat this.I want to see you laugh and smile again. We will pray for you everyday, Love Auntie Raylene, Uncle Richard and cousins.

  13. Hey Victor, the waiting room was full of family and friends again today. We are all here pulling for you. Your mom has collected lots of pictures to show you of your many visitors. Can't wait for you to see them.
    Love the Williams clan.